Phoenix Tops The Hottest Cities In The U.S. List

24/7 Wall Street just came out with their list of the 50 Hottest Cities In America

Cities on this list reach temperatures of 90 or more degrees for an average of 67 days or more each year, and in some it’s more than double that

Texas has the most cities on the list, with 16, followed by Florida with eight

Topping the list is Phoenix, Arizona, which has, on average, 169 days of 90+ temperatures each year

Top Ten Hottest Cities In America

1 Phoenix, AZ

> Days per year with 90 F+ temp.: 169

> Highest temp. on record (1933-2018): 122.0 F

> Normal mid-summer high: 106.1 F

> Normal year-round high: 86.6 F

2 Tucson, AZ

3 Las Vegas, NV

4 Del Rio, TX

5 Brownsville, TX

6 San Antonio, TX

7 Austin, TX

8 San Angelo, TX

9 Corpus Christi, TX

10 Waco, TX

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