Here’s why Gilbert was named nation’s best place to work from home

Woman working on laptop in kitchen

To determine the best cities for working from home, MagnifyMoney combed through the Census Bureau’s 2018 1-Year American Community Survey (conducted before the coronavirus pandemic began). Researchers examined the 100 largest U.S. cities by the number of workers, classifying them by metrics related to how many people work from home, their earning power and their cost of living.

• Gilbert, Ariz. is rated the best place to work from home, due to a sharp rise in the number of people working from home, which indicates more remote work opportunities, as well as the fact that remote workers there make $1.32 for every dollar earned by the average worker.

Top five best places to work from home

1. Gilbert, AZ
2. Atlanta, GA
3. Aurora, CO
4. Seattle, WA
5. Tampa, FL

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