Bicycle Sales Skyrocket; Retailers Out of Stock

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While most U.S. stores still haven't recovered from March's run on toilet paper, the coronavirus pandemic has moved on to cause a whole new shortage, experts say: bicycles.

Sales of bicycles have skyrocketed in recent months, according to market research company NPD Group. Sales of leisure bikes have increased 121 percent; sales of commuter and fitness bikes have climbed 66 percent; and sales of children's bikes have risen 59 percent, NPD reports.

The unexpected spike has left many retailers sold out of low-end consumer bicycles -- and since the coronavirus has resulted in a shutdown of production facilities, they won't likely restock anytime soon, says Ryan Zagata, president of Brooklyn Bicycle Company. "I have never seen anything remotely approaching this,” says Zagata, who adds sales at his store have increased by 600 percent compared to the same time last year. "If you went into a store three weeks ago, you could find a bike under $1,000. Right now shelves are bare."

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