‘Sleep Divorces’ On The Rise,Couples Want Separate Beds

Sad and thoughtful woman awake while husband is sleeping in bed

According to a new survey, 75% believe sharing their sleep space results in poorer sleep quality, and 25% said that sleep has become even harder to attain since the coronavirus arrived on the scene. Another 35% are just about ready to take a so-called “sleep divorce” and buy a separate bed for themselves just to gain some much needed shuteye.

In fact, the survey found that about three in five respondents (59%) agree that having a “sleep divorce” helps improve their sleep quality and their relationship.

Here’s what people say their partners are doing that’s turning bedtime into a waking nightmare:

Snoring (53%)
Different sleep schedules (41%)
Tossing and turning (36%)
Sleep struggles (17%)
Electronic device use (15%)

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