Americans spending more

While a lot of Americans aren’t able to go out shopping at their favorite stores, that doesn’t mean they aren’t spending money. 

In fact, a new survey reveals that impulse purchases are up while folks are under quarantine.

The survey finds:

  • In the months prior to quarantine, Americans spent about $155.03 cents a month on impulse purchases.
  • That number has gone up 18% to $182.98 since the quarantine started.
  • 72% of people say an impulse buy has had a positive effect on their mood.
  • 71% say they plan to continue their increased rate of online shopping once the lockdown is over.
  • As for what folks are buying, it shouldn’t be too shocking that the top purchase is cleaning supplies (42%), followed by:
    • Hand sanitizer (38%)
    • Toilet paper (35%)
    • Hand soap (32%)
    • Canned food (31%)
    • Dish detergent (30%)

But not everyone is being practical with their impulse buys.

  • 22% have bought an item of clothing
  • 21% of people have bought themselves a treat that they had their eye on for a while.
  • 18% spent their money on home improvements.
  • 18% bought headphones.
  • 17%% have purchased a new video game console.
  • 17% bought books.
  • 17% bought shoes.

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