Science teacher turned kitchen into a chemistry lab to teach his students

A high school science teacher in Washington, D.C., has decided to turn his home kitchen into a chemistry lab to teach his students. Jonte Lee has been doing bubbly fiery experiments from his home and streaming them on social media and other virtual platforms for his students.

“The reason why I turned my kitchen into a chemistry lab is for the love of my students,” said Lee to “Good Morning America.”

Lee said the response he’s been getting has been great and has even brought up his student participation and engagement.

"When you have that great relationship with a student, you can push them forward academically. You are allowed to challenge them and those students rise up and meet the challenge," he told ABC News' Robin Roberts.

He goes on to add that he has had all of his students participate and complete all of their work.

“With any teacher, if we cannot see our students and we do not know if they are OK ... if they’re having a great day, a not-so great day, did something exciting happen, did something not exciting happen," he said highlighting the challenges of virtual learning. "We do not just educate the brain of the child, we educate the whole child.”

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