Are you drinking too much?

Amy Samuel from the Scottsdale Recovery Center joins Billy Harfosh talk about alcohol abuse during isolation.

Amy Samuel is a Certified Life Coach specializing in helping others go beyond their current circumstances. By addressing life skills, while utilizing recovery tools, she maximizes on the strengths of our clients to reach their full potential and achieves results by her direct approach. Amy brings 13 years of sobriety with two years of private coaching experience to Scottsdale Recovery Center.

If you are in need of help, or just would like to speak with someone please visit: - 1-866-523-7634 -


Scottsdale Recovery Center aspires to set a whole new standard for long-term success within a demographic that is all too familiar with the horrors of addiction and relapse. In helping adults to identify their skills, rebuild their hopes, re-create their lives and rejuvenate their perceived values of their life’s journey, we WILL make progress…one addict at a time, one alcoholic at a time, one family at a time. And while some have said that failure can be a learning experience, we choose a new way, a way of unwavering dedication and unbridled ambition toward success, recovery, joy and love!

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