Scottsdale Police warn of coronavirus-related scam

Officials with Scottsdale Police Department are asking people in the city to be careful after reports of scams related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to statements posted to the department's website and on their verified Facebook page, several Scottsdale residents have received a letter in the mail that claims to be from Maricopa County Public Health.

"Maricopa County Department of Public Health will be in this area, to visit each individual resident's house to take readings and record their wellbeing," the letter wrote, while also listing an area of the city where the virus is purportedly spreading.

The letter also claims residents who test positive or "show abnormal readings" will be taken to the former Tent City jail facility for a minimum of 45 days of quarantine.

Scottsdale Police officials say the letter is a hoax.

Officials say people should never allow anyone into their home without first verifying who they are.

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