Easter Candy: The Worst Treat

Chocolate Production Continues At Cadbury During Hostile Takeover Bids

When candystore.com polled 19,000 people on their least favorite Easter candy, it might have been a little surprising that this candy that consistently makes appearances in baskets is actually disliked.

  • Worst: 1. Cadbury Creme Eggs. Reigning Champion. - Not only are the shells made of “low quality” chocolate, but it’s near impossible to eat one without creating a sticky mess.
    • Other least favorites from the poll are Hot Tamales Peeps, chocolate crosses, and jellybeans.
  • Best: 1. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Wins again. -  There is just something about these little eggs that is irresistible.

There you have it folks. Cadbury makes the #1 Best and the #1 Worst Easter candy.

Whatever your thoughts about Easter candy are, they likely include thinking about Cadbury’s brand. Winner of Easter: Cadbury.

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