How To Look Good On Video Calls While Working Remotely

Mother using laptop at home with children romping around in background

Since the coronavirus is forcing people to work from home, it’s probably a good time to brush up on our video meeting skills. You would figure that years of selfies would have prepared for this, but looking good on a laptop camera is like a whole new monster. If you’ve got conference call panic, here’s some tips that might let’s put your nerves at ease.

- Clothing. Consistency is the name of the game. When in doubt, wear what you would usually wear into the office. That comfy blanket/hoodie you got for Christmas might feel amazing, but it’s not going to send the best message when your boss drops in on your video conference. Linda Raynier, a career strategist, says “you want to appear like you’re getting work done, not just lounging around and taking naps.”

- Employ The Mullet Strategy. Put on a “business” top, but stay casual on the bottom. This could mean a dress shirt with no pants. The people on the other end won’t know unless you forget to log off and stand up in front of the cam.

- Makeup. Experts say eyes are the first thing to look bad on camera. Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo says “everybody’s under eye is their No. 1 problem” and that when it comes to putting on your face the key is “to look fresh and healthy, not like you’re spending a lot of time on makeup.” A little concealer or even a pair of false eyelashes may be all it takes to make it look like you weren’t up all night binge-watching Netflix and eating your feelings.

- Lighting. Since you’re not a professional influencer, you probably never thought about the lighting in your place, but overhead lights aren’t going to do you any favors. Vo says “no artificial light is going to replace natural Jesus light” and she recommends facing a window as close as you can get. “Nothing fills out and blows out imperfections better.”

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