Phoenix declared sunniest city in the U.S.

Phoenix was named the sunniest city in the United States by

The company determined the percentage of time cities experienced the maximum amount of sunshine possible based on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And based on a report produced by the administration, the company determined Phoenix experiences sunshine 85.8% of daylight hours.

1 Phoenix AZ 85.80%
2 Tucson AZ 85.70%
3 Las Vegas NV 84.80%
4 El Paso TX 83.70%
5 Reno NV 81.50%
6 Pueblo CO 78.40%
7 Sacramento CA 77.20%
8 Key West FL 77.10%
9 Flagstaff AZ 76.80%
10 Fresno CA 76.50%

The city with the least sun: Columbus OH 45.90%

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