People hate your vacations posts

Sure, you want everyone to know what a fabulous time you’re having on vacation and how much better your life is than everyone else’s … but your perfect vacation posts annoy more people than endear them. 

In fact, 30% of respondents in a new survey said they would like your travel posts more if they were more realistic.

According to the survey, by Hampton hotels, these are the Top 10 Most Annoying Social Media Travel Pics:

  1. Hot dogs legs (when you shows your legs on the beach) – 26%
  2. Bragging captions like, “My Monday is going better than yours.” – 23%
  3. Poses in bikinis/swimwear -- 20%
  4. Pictures of drinks – 19%
  5. Poses on pristine beaches – 16%
  6. Poses on lounge chairs – 15%
  7. Pictures on the plane -- especially if you are traveling in first class – 15%
  8. Posting images long after you return from vacation – 13%
  9. Photo shoots with a professional photographer – 12%
  10. Pics of sunsets or sunrises – 12%

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