Someone Made A 'Pickle Bouquet' For Valentine's Day & I Want This So Bad

Buying a bouquet of flowers is SO 2019... This year it's all about going a little extra for your significant other.

There's beef jerky bouquets, cotton candy bouquets and even donut bouquets! But let's add Pickle bouquets to that growing list of odd things to buy.

Grillo's Pickles (a Boston-based pickle company) created this one-of-a-kind pickle bouquet and even though it's not for sale. If you want to make one though it's pretty simple... All you need to make this is 1) a variety of pickles, 2) multiple long, sturdy skewers, and 3) a vase to throw them in.

You could make this entire bouquet for under $30 and it's pickles so basically everyone loves this.

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