Here is the most popular dog name of the decade

The most popular dog name of the past decade has been released and Bella takes the top spot.

The website compiled a list of the most common names for 2019 and noticed a big trend.

The name picked up steam after the success of the Twilight series, but the love of the name hasn't dwindled.

Experts predict a big influence from Frozen 2 and Star Wars when it comes to naming pets next year.

Top 10 Female Dog Names

  1. Bella
  2. Daisy
  3. Luna
  4. Willow
  5. Roxy
  6. Bailey
  7. Lola
  8. Harper
  9. Rosie
  10. Nala

Top 10 Male Dog names

  1. Bear
  2. Milo
  3. Charlie
  4. Archie
  5. Oreo
  6. Bailey
  7. Blue
  8. Tiger
  9. Duke
  10. Teddy

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