Pumpkin Pie Is The Most Popular Christmas Dessert, According To New Survey

Pumpkin Pie at Christmas Time

The holiday season is finally here! Between blasting your favorite Christmas songs to picking out the perfect presents for your loved ones, the holly jolly spirit is definitely taking over. While there's a lot to love about the holiday season, nothing can really beat all the delicious treats we eat during the holiday. From gingerbread houses to the cookies we bake for Santa, everybody has an opinion on what the best Christmas dessert is.

Well, Offers.com took matters into their own hands with a new survey. They polled 1,000 Americans from across the country to figure out the most popular holiday dessert. According to their survey, pumpkin pie is the runaway favorite. Here's what they found:

  • Pumpkin pie – 37%
  • Eggnog – 20%
  • Peppermint bark – 13%
  • Gingerbread – 9%
  • Candy cane – 9%
  • Fruit cake – 5%
  • Pecan Pie – 1%
  • Other – 6%

They also broke it down by state on the map below, so, you can see which Christmas dessert is most popular near you.

What's your favorite Christmas dessert?

Photo: Getty/Offers.com