Americans Are Charitable Year Round

Today is Giving Tuesday, but a new study by One Poll shows we don’t wait to be kind

The average American carries out five good deeds a month

They range from giving directions to paying for a meal


1. Helped someone with directions                              66%

2. Held the door open for a stranger                             65%

3. Let someone with fewer items go in front of me in line at a store     60%

4. Helped someone cross the street                             60%

5. Completed a chore/errand for a family member or friend            56%

6. Gave a dollar or so to charity when checking out while shopping     56%

7. Donated clothes to a thrift store                               55%

8. Helped someone carry their groceries home                     55%

9. Returned a lost item that I found                               55%

10. Paid for a stranger’s meal                                   53%

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