The Biggest Thanksgiving Fails Revealed

According to a survey, American say about half a dozen things don’t go exactly as planned on Thanksgiving

56% of people saying cooking the turkey correctly is the biggest challenge about hosting a Thanksgiving meal

Common Thanksgiving fails include not all of the cooking being done on time, and running out of wine


1. Not all of the cooking is done on time              31%
2. Not all the food is done cooking at the same time    29%
3. Ran out of wine                               28%
4. Spilled a dish on the floor                       28%
5. Forgot an essential ingredient in one dish           28%
6. One or more dish is cold by the time it's served      27%
7. Ran out of a dish before everyone got some of it     27%
8. Cooked something incorrectly                    27%
9. Forgot to take a food allergy into account           26%
10. Turkey is burnt                               26%

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