Ed Sheeran Crowned Britain’s Richest Celebrity Under 30

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Ed Sheeran is Britain’s newest “richest under 30” entry according to Heat Magazine’s “Richest Under 30” list. The singer/songwriter dethrones Adele by doubling his money over the past year to the tune of $170 million.

After Sheeran, Daniel Radcliffe, 30, makes the list with $90 million. Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, 24, is third with $64 million and the fourth spot goes to Harry Potter’s Emma Watson, 29, who has banked $57 million.

The under 30 celebs bank accounts, endorsements and sales are all considered when tallying up who makes the list.

Adele, who was at number one in 2018 with $147.5 million, turned 31 this year making her no longer eligible for the title.

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