Thieves Steal 22,000 Apples from Michigan Orchard

At A Family Farm

A Michigan farming family is in disbelief after they say 22,000 apples, which equates to roughly 7,000 pounds of fruit, were stolen from their orchard farm in Linden between late Sunday night and Wednesday morning.

The apples stripped off five acres’ worth of trees are worth an estimated $14,400 

On October 6th, the apples on Spicer Farms supplemental orchard were reportedly not quite ripe yet. The owners usually check their crops every four days, so on October 9th, they decided to check again and there was nothing there.

Investigators aren’t sure if the theft is related to the 400 pumpkins stolen from an orchard in St Clair County ‘s Grant Township or 50,000 apples stolen from an Indiana orchard last month.

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