How To Make Your Pumpkin Last Through Halloween

Close-Up Of Illuminated Jack On Lantern On Table Against Black Background

Halloween is next week and if you’ve already carved your pumpkin, it may already be starting to wither.

Weather, mold, and bacteria all threaten your Jack-o’-lantern, so how do you keep it from rotting before Halloween?

Keep your carved creation looking good with these tips.

  • After you carve, give it a bleach-water bath - Submerge your carved pumpkin in a bucket filled with water and ⅔ cup of bleach and let it soak for up to 24 hours.
  • Rehydrate daily - Pumpkins will shrivel without moisture, so spray it every day with water mixed with a few drops of bleach.
  • Give it an ice bath - If your gourd starts to wilt, try an ice bath overnight. And dry it completely so it doesn’t get moldy.
  • Skip the real candles - They heat the pumpkin up, so try flickering flameless candles or glow sticks instead.
  • Don’t carve it - It may seem anti-Halloween, but it’ll stay fresh for much longer if you opt to paint the pumpkin instead.

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