Get Ready For No-Spend November

While you may be familiar with No-Shave November, there is another “No” campaign during the month that is a bit more beneficial to your bank account — No-Spend November. 

The concept is relatively simple: Only spend money on necessities during the month of November. 

It’s all about cutting out unnecessary costs so you can have financial peace of mind when the holidays come around and threaten to drain your savings. 

Even if you don’t splurge during the holiday-heavy month of December, No-Spend November is the perfect way to save money for 30 days, to help you take control of your finances.

Try these tips to help you save money during No-Spend November.

  • Remove temptations - Unsubscribe from your favorite stores’ emails about sales and deals and try to avoid shopping situations that could lead you to spend.
  • Plan out the big events - If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’ll have higher food bills, but you can cut back by not buying new decorations or a new outfit.
  • Get to coupon clipping- Load up on chances to save, but remember that just because you have a coupon for Cheez-Its doesn’t mean you need to buy them.
  • Fight cravings - An easy way to save? Make your own healthy meals at home and pass on restaurants and take out.
  • Take stock of your gift cards - If you still have a stash of gift cards from last Christmas, now’s the time to break them out and use them … as long as you have enough on them to pay for your entire purchase.
  • Cut back on your vices - So no Starbucks trips or happy hour drinks after work. No-spend November is the time to become best friends with your home coffee pot and drink the bottles of wine you’ve stockpiled.
  • Change your social scene - This month will be low-key weekends and nights at home, so you can catch up on Netflix and reading, unless you want to go out and stick to drinking water.
  • Put on those walking shoes - Save on Ubers and gas by walking where you need to go. It’s just one month of being thrifty, you got this.

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