Burglar Hides In Costco For Hours Before Stealing $13,000 In Jewelry: Cops

Authorities in Coweta County, Georgia, are looking for a patient suspect who managed to steal $13,000 worth of jewelry from a Costco. Police say the man walked into the store on October 10 and walked around before leaving. He returned a few hours later and hid behind a display near the entrance to the store.

The man remained in hiding for nearly five hours while employees closed up the store and left for the night. Once the store was empty, the thief went to work, smashing a glass display case and filling a bag with jewelry.

Surveillance cameras from a nearby theater captured the man fleeing the store in a truck. Officials released the photos of the suspect taken from the store, hoping that somebody will recognize him.

"I've never heard of something like this," Jae Robertson, with the Coweta County Sheriff's Office, told WSB-TV. "This is the first case I've ever had like this."

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