How To Advocate For Pets This Dogtober

Portrait of smiling Golden Retriever

Dogtober isn't just an excuse to talk about dogs all month though. If you want to take advantage of this special opportunity to do something meaningful, you can advocate for all animals this Dogtober.

How do you go about it? “Bustle” has put together a list of ways you can show your compassion for our four legged friends. Start here!

  1. Host a Howl-O-Ween Pet Supply Party.
  2. Support legislation that helps animals.
  3. Volunteer at a shelter.
  4. Donate to an animal organization.
  5. Get informed about chaining dogs and speak up about it.
  6. Spay or neuter your pet.
  7. Get an animal rescue kit together and keep it in your car.
  8. Adopt a pet from a shelter or help one get adopted.

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