Today is National Taco Day!

Taco Day, October 4

A new survey finds that chicken is the most popular taco protein, followed by beef and fish

Hard taco shell lovers eat 7.3 tacos a month, and are more likely to like spice and be single

Those who like soft taco shells eat 6.9 tacos a month, don’t care for spice and are more likely to be in a relationship

It turns out that hard shell taco eaters prefer dogs, while soft shell fans love a cuddle with a cat.

Hard shellers described themselves as adventurous, curious, happy, hard-working, high-maintenance, and organized. Soft shell eaters said they were calm, clean, creative, friendly, and loyal.

Something hard shell and soft shell fans both agree on? Margaritas go better with tacos than beer and tacos make a perfect meal for any part of the day.

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