Millennials Admit Making Halloween Purchases For Social Media Posts

Woman photographing while friends carving Halloween pumpkin at table

Social media seems to influence everything we do these days, and that includes picking our Halloween costumes.

According to a new poll…

  • 48% of Millennials have bought a Halloween costume in order to include it on a social media post.
  • The same can be said for 37% of Gen Z, 30% of Gen X, and 5% of both Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation.
  • When it comes to genders, 37% of men say they’ve bought a costume specifically to feature it on social media, while 21% of women say the same.

And while Halloween is fun for most people, it is apparently quite costly, with folks feeling a lot of pressure to spend for the spooky holiday. It turns out:

  • 40% of Millennials say they feel “a lot” of pressure to spend on Halloween, while overall, 25% of consumers said the same.
  • In fact, while 19% of people say they spend more on Halloween than any other holiday, that number goes up to 31% for Millennials.

Not everyone loves Halloween though:

  • 21% of women say they don’t “do” Halloween, compared to 13% of men.
  • Generationally, Baby Boomers are the most likely to say don’t “do” Halloween, something only 9% of Millennials and 12% of Gen Xers say.

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