*LIST* The Most Miserable Cities In The U.S.

Business Insider has just come out with their list of the 50 Most Miserable Cities in the U.S.

The most miserable city in the US is Gary, Indiana.

The state with the most miserable cities is California, with 10. New Jersey is close behind, with nine, and Florida comes in third, with six.

These cities have things in common — few opportunities, devastation from natural disasters, high crime and addiction rates, and often many abandoned houses.

The Top Ten Most Miserable Cities In The U.S.

  1. Gary, IN
  2. Port Arthur, TX
  3. Detroit, MI
  4. Passaic, NJ
  5. Newark, NJ
  6. Pine Bluff, AK
  7. Flint, MI
  8. Camden, NJ
  9. Warren, OH
  10. Huntington Park, CA

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