Blanco Brown Thanks Tim McGraw

Blanco Brown fell in love with country music at six years old, all thanks to Tim McGraw.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Blanco recounted the memory of the first time he knew that he was a country music fan.

"We all remember the time that we first fell in love with country music, when did that happen for you?" Cody asked.

"Tim McGraw, "Don't Take The Girl," Blanco responded. "The first lyrics took me out of there. It said, "Johnny's daddy was taking him fishin,' when he was eight years old." I went looking around and was like, "Man. I ain't never been fishing. Somebody needs to get me a reel."

While the lyrics of this song moved Blanco and instantaneously turned him into a country music fan, the idea of fishing was more romantic than the reality.  

"Then I finally went fishing, with my stepdad and putting the worm on the line disgusted me," laughed the "Git Up' singer. "So, I had to start getting the rubber ones. I don't like it when they start fighting for their life. Those worms are strong man. You don't know it until you try and put it on the hook. They be fighting, and I'm from the hood, so I can't be out there like that."

Blanco's days of casting a line may be over, but his love of country music certainly isn't. In fact, Blanco says that he has a song that is "PERFECT" for Chris Stapleton. So, Chris, if you read this Cody Alan has a solid lead on your next smash hit.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.  

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