*LIST* The Best (And Worst) Places To Retire

WalletHub has just come out with their picks for the Best and Worst Places to Retire in the U.S., judging more than 180 cities across 46 key metrics in areas like cost-of living, recreational activities and more.

Orlando, Florida tops the list, with five cities in the Top Ten in the Sunshine state

Stockton, California is the worst place to retire in the U.S., coming in dead last for activities, and close to the bottom for healthcare and quality of life

Top Ten Best Places To Retire in the U.S.

1 Orlando, FL
2 Tampa, FL
3 Scottsdale, AZ - ranked high for quality of life & activities
4 Charleston, SC
5 Miami, FL
6 Denver, CO
7 Fort Lauderdale, FL
8 Cape Coral, FL
9 Minneapolis, MN
10 Cheyenne, WY
35 Tempe, AZ
52 Peoria, AZ
53 Gilbert, AZ
72 Chandler, AZ
90 Phoenix, AZ

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