Woman uses 34-year-old free pass to get into Disneyland

Tamia Richardson was 14 years old when she won a free ticket for a future admission. No one knew that admission would be 34 years in the future.

Holding a ticket older than many people in line at Disneyland, Tamia Richardson had no idea if the free admission she’d won in 1985 was still good.

As it turns out, the joy dispensed by the Happiest Place on Earth had no expiration date.

When Richardson arrived at the turnstiles Thursday, the Edmonton, Alberta, resident showed cast members a ticket she had won 34 years ago as part of Disneyland’s 30th anniversary.

The then-14-year-old was a winner in the Gift Giver Extraordinaire promotion, where prizes were awarded to every 30th guest. Richardson’s was a pass for a return visit ‒which finally took place last week.

When Richardson visited with her two teenage daughters, she presented the free ticket at the turnstile, no doubt hoping for the best as a one-day admission was $149 (that same ticket went for $16.50 in 1985).

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