Britney Spears Loves A Good Target Run

Britney Spears in Hollywood-getty images

Britney Spears may be worth millions, but it seems even she loves a good bargain, especially if it means another trip to her favorite store – Target.

Financial documents filed in her conservatorship case reveals Britney had $400,000 in expenses last year, which include money she spent during 80 trips to Target between July and October of 2018. She’s also apparently a big fan of Ralphs and Home Depot, making numerous trips to both and spending just over $66,000 at the two stores.

Britney's portfolio is staggering, with enough investment accounts, mutual funds and trusts set up to make any accountant's head spin.

The documents for 2018 show Britney worth $59,079,755.76, $2.5 million higher than in 2017. 

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