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A kind-hearted police officer has gone viral after pulling over in her squad car to help an elderly local mow her lawn. Ryan Brunner was traveling behind the police car in York, Pennsylvania, but was left puzzled when the vehicle suddenly turned around and headed in the opposite direction. Ryan, 30, opted to check out where the vehicle was heading - and it was then he discovered Day Officer Bridgette Wilson mowing the lawn of Sharon Markel. He deiced due to the negative publicity many police forces get he would take out his phone and film the moment, which took place on July 4. In the video, Ryan can be heard saying, “They don’t show the good police officers out here, doing work,” praising Day Officer Wilson of the West York Borough Police Department. Day Officer Wilson then jokingly responded: “I may be a police officer, but I’ve got many traits.” Ryan, a barber, was so impressed with the police officer’s commitment to the community that he and fellow staff at West End Blendz, just around the corner from Sharon’s home, have agreed to mow her lawn whenever needed going forward.


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