Here's what Americans would do with $10 Million

A new survey looked to find out how long $10-million would last for most people, and the consensus is seven years

The most common things people would do with their money is invest it, with 53% going with that option, followed by giving some to family (52%). 

Other ways people would spend their windfall include:

Put it into savings (47%)
Buy property (44%)
Pay off debt (43%)
Donate to charity (37%)
Set up a fund for my children (36%)
Purchase and/or pay off a car (35%)
Travel (35%)
Start a business (34%)

Of course, there will always be people willing to splurge once they come into money, and the most common splurge seems to be a dream home (50%), followed by travel (43%). Other popular splurges include:

Vacation home (29%)
Luxury vacation (27%)
The latest technology (27%)
Sports car (24%)
New wardrobe with designer pieces (18%)
Private island (15%)
Diamond jewelry (14%)
Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (13%)
What would you do with $10 Million?

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