You Can Now Buy Rosé-Flavored Strawberries and Raspberries

Rosé Berries

Aptly named Rosé Berries, these blush-colored berries were created by Driscoll’s team of scientists to taste just like a glass of the summertime vino. Perfect for picnics and days on the beach, Driscoll’s says the strawberries and raspberries “contain sweet, peachy notes capped off with a soft, floral finish,” and that their “smooth, silky and creamy texture perfectly complements a hot, summer afternoon.”

Driscoll’s assures that their Rosé Berries are not genetically modified. Instead, the blush color and unique flavor simply come from breeding light and dark berries together using “the power of the sun.”

Unfortunately, the cute fruits are only available for a limited time, and will only be available at a limited number of retailers. According to the Driscoll’s website, Rosé Berries will be sold at Whole Foods in Northern California and from FreshDirect on the East Coast from June through September.

Check it out!

Rosé Berries


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