Why Did 99.9 KEZ Flip The Switch To Christmas Music Early This Year?

We get the question every year... why so early!?!

This year, 99.9 KEZ flipped the switch a week earlier than last year. Many have a lot questions and many are just excited to finally have Christmas music back on the air... it happens every year! 

So why did KEZ flip the switch to Christmas music early this year? 99.9 KEZ Program Director Paul Kelley says it's all comes down to what people want to hear as said in an AZ Central interview... 

“We started getting questions in September, and we started seeing a lot more people using our iHeart Christmas channel on iHeartRadio,” he said. “That seems to happen in election years; when people are divided, they seek common ground... There’s something about Christmas music that is nostalgic... It evokes an emotional connection with the listener. It can take you back to a simpler time in life, childhood.  And, because many of the songs have been around for decades, they have always been a part of our lives.”

As you know, once 99.9 KEZ flips the switch... that means it's OFFICIALLY the holiday season in the valley! Kelley goes on to say, 

“After playing Christmas music for 20 years for the Valley, we fine tune the formula each year, based on our listeners’ wants, and this year, it made sense to turn on KEZ Christmas music in time for the weekend... The classics are still the most popular, songs like ‘Have a Holly Jolly Christmas’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock.’”

Merry Christmas, Phoenix and enjoy the music! 

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