Beth & Friends & Food: July 31st

This week Jan is bringing a delicious Nutella Mousse Klondike Cake that the whole family will love. 

Nutella Mousse Klondike Cake

1 pint Heavy Cream/Whipping Cream or 8oz container Cool Whip
1 small jar (13oz) Nutella
1 (9oz) box Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers
1 quart vanilla ice cream
1 (6-count) pack Klondike Bars of your choice
1 bar dark chocolate (3.5oz)

Make the Nutella Mousse: Whip heavy cream then mix together with 1/4 cup Nutella. (If using Cool whip mix together container of Cool Whip and Nutella until well combined).

Place a layer of chocolate wafer cookies on the bottom of a bread-sized baking container or small casserole dish. 

Spoon first layer of Nutella mousse over top. Place Klondike Bars over top of mousse, filling in all spaces with sliced bars. 

Spoon softened vanilla ice cream over top of bars. Add second layer of chocolate wafer cookies. Slather second layer of mousse over top. 

Add last later of softened ice cream. Curl or shave chocolate bar with knife of potato peeler. (Chocolate curls better if slightly warm). Spread over the top. 

Freeze cake for several hours or best if frozen overnight. 

Slice or spoon onto serving dishes. 

Jan has made a One Minute Kitchen video to show you just how simple this is. 

For more information on this recipe and many more, check out Jan's website HERE

Make sure you tune in next Monday at 8:10 to see what Jan brings next. 

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