Uber Newest Feature: In-Car Snack Vending Machines

Your Uber might be getting an upgrade in the near future. Tech startup Cargo is providing rideshare drivers with free mini vending machines so passengers can buy things during their ride.

Cargo will give drivers a display case, offering things like energy drinks, snacks, over-the-counter meds, and even USB cords. Plus, they’ll have some freebies, depending on the car. In “Tech Crunch’s” screenshot, you can see they offer complimentary Cheez-Its, Blowfish hangover tablets, and chocolate cookies.

When a customer sees something they want to buy, they just go to Cargo’s rider page, enter the unique vehicle code that’s on the display case and order. They accept mobile payments and credit cards and the driver even makes 50-cents on each sale as an incentive to use the system.

Cargo is currently offered in New York, Boston, and Chicago, but they’ve gotten requests from 49 states, so you may see them in Uber in your city soon. And wouldn’t it be nice to grab an emergency snack or some Advil on your way home from a crazy night out?

Source: Food and Wine

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