Woman Says Calf Is The Reincarnation Of Husband

Cambodian farmer Tol Khut died unexpectedly just over a year ago. When his 74-year-old widow Khim Hang spotted a calf near her house, she somehow "knew" it was Tol reincarnated. 

"I believe that [the calf] is my husband because whatever he does when he goes upstairs...it is exactly the same way as [my husband] did when he was alive," Khim explains. "When I went to see a medium, his soul came in and said 'I am your husband.' Then I noted that [the calf] licked by hair, then my neck, then kissed me so that really made me believe that he is my husband."

What's more, the couple's seven children agree that the animal is the reincarnation of their dad. Now the calf lives inside the family's house and even enjoys watching TV...apparently, just like Tol. 

Source: International Business Times

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