OMG: Man Uses Fake Cop Car To Slow Drivers

Kelly Tufts has lived on the same street in Lakeville, Massachusetts for several years and he says people go way over the the now 35 mph speed limit. So he took matters into his own hands and put a fake cop car in his driveway. 

The "car," which is made of plywood and aluminum siding, came from a friend of Tufts who owns a salvage yard. Believe it or not, the fake car works. 

Tufts says he gets mostly good feedback from his crafty trick, even from local law enforcement. "Town cops are ok with it. They like it," he said. "I've had the ambulance pull in, ask to take pictures with it." As for the people who don't like it, including those who flip Tufts off, he's not bothered by it. "Whatever," he said. "If it was their neighborhood, they'd enjoy it."

Source: Boston 25 News

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