WATCH: Mom Gets Her Son's Stolen Bicycle Back

Vonnie Sandlan is the kind of mom you want in your corner. The woman from Glasgow, Scotland found out her son Findlay's new bike, which he had just bought with his savings, had been stolen outside a McDonald's. She reported the incident, but understood the police had bigger fish to fry, so she took matters into her own hands. 

After some Internet sleuthing, she discovered it had been put up for sale online. She alerted police and claims they gave her the go ahead to retrieve it. When she arrived, she discovered the crook was 15 years old. 

She then took to Facebook to explain what happened. "And I looked underneath the frame and I checked the serial number, then I just said 'This is my bike'. And the kid just burst into tears," she said in the video. "And then somehow I ended up like pure giving him a life lecture on how this is a turning point in his life and it could have been much worse if it had been somebody else who had came and just like battered him to get the bike back off him." 

Source: BBC


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