WATCH Stranger Helps Marry Couple At Baseball Game

A long time couple went to see their favorite baseball team, the Cardinals, play and hoped to get married there too. 

Tyson Baker held up a sing in the Busch Stadium stands that read, "7 years together. If there is an ordained minister, we are ready to marry right here!" and someone answered their call. 

Donna Shores O'Day was sitting near Tyson and his fiance Alyssa. She posted the story of the improvised wedding to Facebook. "By the 3rd inning, a minister appeared and began to talk with them. They exchanged license information and determined that all was in place for a legal and binding wedding. My friend and I were so touched when asked to serve as bridesmaids and the people in the surrounding section were cheering the couple on with great joy. Prior to the Blessed inning, the minister privately prayed with the couple and all felt so right." 

In the middle of the sixth inning the nuptials took place and everyone teared up. The pastor who performed the ceremony was recently ordained. 

Oh and as a bonus, the Cardinals won the game. 

Source: Fox 2 St. Louis

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