Starbucks' New Rainbow Drinks For A Great Cause

Starbucks is working with Lady Gaga on Cups of Kindness, four colorful drinks that support the singer's Born This Way Foundation. So you can get your rainbow drink and support a good cause while you're sipping. 

Starting today, the coffee giant will donate 25 cents from each purchase to the foundation. The colorful concoctions include the Pink Drink, the Ombre Pink Drink, as well as two new colorful beverages, Matcha Tea Lemonade and the Violet Drink. 

The Born This Way Foundation works with groups to give "young people kinder communities, improved mental health resources and a more positive environments." You can help them by enjoying one of the Cups of Kindness drinks all this week. The campaign ends on June 19, but the Matcha Tea Lemonade and Violet Drink will be on the menu permanently. 

Source: Cosmopolitan

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