OMG: Your Budweiser Could Be Fake

Believe it or not, that ice cold can of Budweiser beer could be a fake. A small factory in China was busted for making counterfeit cans of Bud after video footage of the operation was discovered. 

The video shows workers dunking used Budweiser cans into a tub of what appears to be beer. Then the cans go down a conveyor belt and it looks like they're resealed and packaged for shipping. This wasn't some small operation, the factory was producing up to 600,000 cans of beer a month, according to Shanghaiist.  

Budweiser is aware of the fake beer situation and in a statement they assured drinkers that "every drop of Budweiser consumed in America is brewed in America at one of our 12 U.S. breweries."

Anheuser-Busch, which owns the all-American beer company, gave some pointers for spotting a fake product, just in case. "Budweiser takes great care in every detail of its packaging. Cheap counterfeits have telltale signs that they are fakes such as imperfect seals, improper date coding, product name and text that have errors and poor quality packaging and graphics." 

Source: Fox News

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