OMG: Man Attacked Plane Crew With Coffee Pots

Brandon Michael Courneyea had to be forcibly removed from an Air Canada flight after he attacked the crew with a coffee pot and tried to open the cabin door while the plane was still in the air. 

It all started after Courneyea started yelling after other passengers were "looking at him." He then moved to the back of the plane and grabbed a coffee pot and started swinging it at the crew. 

Once Courneyea starting yelling about taking the plane down, he tried to get the door open. It took a group of men to wrestle Courneyea to the ground after he attempted to get the back cabin door open. 

What's even more weird, is a Courneyea's wife was called and ask about the situation and she had no idea her husband was on that flight or in jail. She said that's not how her husband acts at all. 

Source: WFTV

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