Beth & Friends & Food: May 22nd

Summer is here which means we all need a nice ice cold drink in our hand. Today Jan brought us a very interesting drink that you just have to try. It's twist on everyone's favorite summer drink. 



Your favorite lemonade

Dill pickle juice

sliced cucumbers

sliced limes

lots of ice


Start with one glass of lemonade and add a small about of pickle juice (1/4 cup). Then taste and add more until you love the combination. 

Then add slicked cucumbers, limes and top it off with a lot of ice. 

FOR A BIG JUG: Fill up container 3/4 of the way with lemonade, then add 1-2 cups of pickle juice to start. Add more if needed. 

2-3 cucumbers and 7-8 limes ought to do it. 

For more of Jan's great recipes, check out her website HERE.

Make sure to tune in next Monday at 8:10 to see what sort of tips, tricks and recipes Jan has for us.

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