OMG: This Beer Has Lobsters In It

With all the breweries out there, beer makers are getting creative with their brews to help themselves stand out in the crowd. The Wild Beer Company, a brewery in England, is no exception. They've come out with a new beer called, "Of The Sea" which they describe as 'bringing the sea to your glass." 

So what does that mean? Brewers make this beer with 30 live lobsters, along with dulse seaweeds and sea herbs as well as saffron and star anise, among other ingredients. They use a saison yeast too, creating a brew with a "briny hit and rich smoothness which accentuates the taste of the sea."

But do people like the flavor? Wild Beer co-founder Andrew Cooper says the reaction was "initially mixed." "But we'd rather brew something genuinely interesting and one that gets an emotional reaction from people that just another beer," he explains. 

Source: Food and Wine

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