OMG: Clear Coffee Is Here


If you love coffee, but could do without the brown stuff staining your pearly whites, you're in luck. Clear coffee exists now and it's exactly what is sounds like: a transparent, caffeinated drink. It's like a strong cold brew that comes in a bottle and looks like water. 


Two brothers in the UK came up with the concept for CLR CFF because they were heavy coffee drinkers and didn't like the stained teeth it caused. They claim their brew is created with "methods that have never been used before" using high-quality ingredients and technology. 


The most important question is what does it taste like? Clear coffee's website claims that it's "unique in taste and flavor." Well that doesn't tell us much, but they do make it without preservatives, artificial flavors, stabilizers, sugars or any other sweeteners. 


For now CLR CFF is only available in the UK, and two six-ounce bottles cost about $7.50. 

Source: Extra Crispy


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