United CEO Promises 'This Will Never Happen Again"

Untied Airlines is still in damage control mode after Sunday's brutal removal of a man from a United flight went viral. Oscar Munoz, United Airlines CEO, said he felt "shame" yesterday on ABC News "Good Morning America" after watching the video of airplane police dragging a bloodied passenger from one of his airline's flights. 

"This will never happen again," Munoz said in the exclusive interview. "We are not going to put a law enforcement official onto a plane to take them off...to remove a booked, paid, seated passenger. We can't do that." To try and make things right, the airline announced it would compensate everyone on board the flight for the full price of their ticket."


Munoz also apologized again to Dr. David Dao, the Louisville-area doctor who was forcibly removed from the plane. The reason it took so long to issue an apology? Munoz says a more forceful reaction was delayed because he was still gathering the facts. 

Meanwhile, the Chicago Department of Aviation said in a statement that two more officers have been placed on administrative leave "until further notice" for their handling of the situation. The scandal promises to keep swirling - as the Rainbow Push Coalition will be protesting United Airlines in 25 cities across the country until they can personally meet with Munoz. 

Source: ABC News


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