LIST: Hangover Cures From Famous Chefs


Hangovers rarely happen to me anymore but let's be honest, sometimes they happen. Everyone has their own way of managing their pounding head and/or queasy stomach they morning after, but some hangover cures are better than others. Here's how some famous chefs cope with the effects of a night of drinking. 

John Currence - chef/owner of City Grocery
"My hangover remedy is just suck it up," he said. "It's gonna be brutal." He advises drinking water so that you can rehydrate and get rid of that headache. 

Seamus Mullen - chef/owner of Tertulia
"The real secret hangover cure is the ultra-hydration fluid that medics carry. It's a tiny bottle of super-concentrated electrolytes," said said. He added he uses them when he's cycling in really hot conditions where you get dehydrated easily. "The're a phenomenal hangover cure." 

David Kinch - chef/owner of Manresa
He advises drinking pure cranberry juice with a little water before bed. "It's like this super hydration thing going on," he said. 

Art Smith - chef/owner of Table Fifty-Two
He's a big believer in the power of a really good vegetable juice. He isn't talking about plain old processed V8, he's suggesting a fresh veggie juice, one you make yourself that'll put back nutrients and "nourish your body." 

Katie Button - chef/owner of Curate
She's a fan of a classic hangover cure: something greasy like hash brown potatoes and eggs, along with a bloody mary. 

Adam Richman - host of "Man Finds Food"
"Bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted Kaiser roll, well-done French fries with extra salt and a fountain Coke with ice," he said. "Don't forget the three Advil and loads of ice water."

Source: Extra Crispy


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