Beth & Friends & Food: April 10th

Easter is just around the corner and nothing says Easter like dyed eggs. This takes Easter egg decorating to a whole new level! Who knew onion skins, coffee grounds, tea bags and some weeds or wild flowers from the backyard could produce such gorgeous works of art. 


Large hard boiled eggs

Skins from 2-3 large brown onions

Skins from 1-2 red onions

1 cup strong, hot coffee

1 cup strong hot tea

Vinegar (any type)

Nylon stockings cut into 4-5 inch sections

Rubber bands or twist ties

Pencil, chopstick, skewer or thin paint brush (for hanging the egg over the liquid.) 

Cooking oil for coating


In a small pot, boil brown onion skins with about 2 cups of water. Simmer for one hour. 

Do the same with red onion skins. (The brown onion will produce a sepia color, the red onion will produce a burgundy color.)

Look for small weeds, leaves or flowers that are very flat. (If there is any bulging, the liquid will seep in and cover the design.)

Place the greenery over the egg with one hand and wrap a nylon stocking piece over it with the other hand. Twist the nylon until very tight and then tie with rubber band or twist tie. 

Pour the simmered water from the onion skins into a cup and add a tablespoon of vinegar. (This will set the color.) 

Pole a hole in the excess nylon and put pencil, chopstick, skewer or thin paint brush through it. 

Suspend the egg in liquid allowing the pencil to rest on the rim of the cup. Do the same for the coffee and tea. 

Let eggs soak for several hours overnight. When done, carefully remove the nylon and peel away the greenery. Rise gently and pat dry. Coat with a little oil. 

For more about Jan and even more of her great recipes, check out her website HERE.

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