OMG: Hotline Offers Bizarre Sleep-Inducing Sounds


If you are one of those people who cannot sleep at night there is a new phone service that plays you soft sounds that will help you sleep. It was started by the Mattress company Casper.

Callers have the option to:

- Hear sounds of the ocean
- Hear wind chimes blowing in the wind
- Travel back in time to the 1990s
- Undergo Hypnosis
- Hear a motivational speech.
-  Hear a grandma that misses you.
- Learn the history of the cocktail wiener.
- Hear Jaleel White, who played Steve Urkle on "Family Matters" sing you a lullaby. 


- Merge into a conference call with the marketing team who came up with this idea. 

Source: USA Today


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